Drug-free treatment

StiRoom includes a number of health benefits without the disadvantages of traditional medications. StiRoom reduces reliance on antibiotics and other often harmful medications and offers a completely natural treatment.

Performance enhancer

StiRoom is the best possible treatment available for high-performarnce equine athletes. The device improves oxygen uptake, stamina and the heart rate of the horse. With this treatment you can go the extra mile and take the prize.

Relieving pain

Muscle pain and cramps are common issues which may hinder recovery and weaken the performance. StiRoom reduces swelling, relieves pain and muscle cramps and also eases pain caused by rheumatism, myalgia or sprains. The treatment can be used to heal back injuries.

Fast recovery

StiRoom offers a fast recovery for equine athletes by revitalizing a tired horse. StiRoom also relieves and prevents stress by relaxing the body and the mind. The infrared sauna warms and relaxes the horse’s muscles.

Preventive affect

Avoiding injuries and illnesses is always crucial. StiRoom prevents several illnesses and lowers the risk of injuries. The combination of infrared sauna and salt room boosts the immune system and prevents flu, allergies and infections.

Multiple benefits

StiRoom is a comprehensive treatment that offers preventive and nursing help for all the above. In addition, StiRoom improves skin health by disinfecting, moisturizing, nourishing and restoring its normal pH-value. The treatment also prevents metabolic disorders.

StiRoom offers a comprehensive, drug-free treatment combining the benefits of salt room and infrared sauna.

Saltroom improves horse’s respiratory conditions and skin problems, prevents different illnesses and fastens wound healing.

Infrared sauna calms muscles, helps with back problems and reduces pain

With StiRoom you get both benefits in same package. Immune system of the horse advances, enhances blood circulation and recovery fastens. Completely natural treatment.