Jyrki Pyykkö established one of the first horse health institutions in Finland in 2011. At best, Ekohepo has provided treatment for hundreds of horses during a single month. Ekohepo was the first in the world to offer infrared sauna treatment for horses. Pyykkö also brought other modern treatments to Finland such as the water treadmill and the salt room.

While working in Ekohepo, he noticed the benefits of the salt room and the infrared sauna. He realized that the treatments could be combined which would create additional health benefits to already existing ones.

“The infrared sauna boosts breathing, which means that the salt dust is inhaled deeper. The infrared sauna also improves blood circulation and the salt can be also absorbed through skin”, Pyykkö tells.

Ekohepo was the first in the world to offer infrared sauna treatment for horses.

In 2015 he created the first prototype of the device that would later become StiRoom. he moved the salt room generators to the infrared sauna and started testing the device in co-operation with a local clinic.

“The device increased the effectivity of both treatments. We also noticed that the device can offer help a lot more effectively for example to difficult respiratory conditions”, Pyykkö says.

After four years of development, he holds an international patent for the StiRoom technology. The company reaches to international markets and sales are already being made in Finland, Sweden and France.

“The benefits of the salt room and the benefits of the infrared sauna are already widely known. StiRoom combines these two treatments and makes them both more effective, which makes StiRoom a perfect treatment for any equine athlete.”

StiRoom combines two efficient treatments and boosts their effectivity even more.

Jyrki Pyykkö

Jyrki Pyykkö is the developer of StiRoom technology. He established his own horse health institution, Ekohepo, in 2011 and has worked with horses ever since. He has also studied among other things horse massage and acupuncture. The last four years he has been developing the StiRoom technology.